Design & Code Club Project Management Application

A task management web application that helps UCF Design and Code members and club officers efficiently organize and track projects using a Kanban-inspired interface.


November 2023 - January 2024 (10 weeks)

Design Role

Product, UI/UX, Research


1 Project Lead, 2 Designers, 3 Engineers


The UCF Design & Code Club aims to implement a dedicated page on their website, facilitating seamless project and team management for club members and officers. Through personalized Kanban-style boards, members can efficiently track tasks, set priorities, and collaborate on projects. Design and Code Club Officers have administrative control to create and manage project boards, assign members to teams and projects, monitor progress, and give members certain access rights. This web application resembles a Trello/Jira-style software tailored to the needs of the UCF Design and Code Club.

design and code logo


  • Task management softwares are high cost for the size of the UCF Design & Code Club (300+ members)
  • Administrative limitations, need to accomodate Design & Code Club Officers to be able to create projects and add members, as well as have UCF Single Sign On


  • Create end to end high fidelity design for React task management software webpage in UCF Design & Code Website
  • Develop functionality for: task completion status, separate login credentials for officers and members, project completion status, create new project, create new team, edit/add user, project kanban board


We conducted a comparative analysis of common task management platforms such as Trello, Jira, Evernote, Asana, and Microsoft Planner. Through this process, we determined that the Kanban Board style offers the simplest and most effective design solution for fulfilling the needs of the UCF Design & Code club, based on both usability and functionality assessments.


  • Figma Community
  • Trello and Kanban Board
  • Instagram Admin
  • Jira


Our wireframes serve as the blueprint for the webpage, providing a visual representation of the website's layout, structure, and functionality. We concluded the MVP (most viable product) and focused on the features and functionality that were high priority.



Our high-fidelity prototype builds upon the foundational elements established in our wireframes, incorporating additional features and refining the user interface to create a more polished experience. Emphasizing the project Kanban board and administrative functions for Design and Code club officers, the prototype brings our design concepts to life with enhanced interactivity and visual fidelity. Our prototype streamlines project management and collaboration for the UCF Design & Code club.

login screen

Login Screen



new proj

Project Kanban Board

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Edit Kanban Card

new proj

Create New Kanban Card

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Projects Home

new proj

Admin Home

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Admin View of Member Teams Data Table

new proj

Edit Team

new proj

Admin View of User Data Table

new proj

Edit User